“It is the melancholy in the faces that touches you.”

It is the story of women who, stigmatized as witches, narrowly escaped death. To this day, women all over the world are victims of violence based on the belief in witchcraft; in Africa alone, there are thousands. In the north of Ghana, in Gambaga and Gushiegu, Ann­Christine Woehrl met women, who suffered this fate. Abandoned by their families and forced to leave their vil­lages, they found refuge in so­called witch­camps. With her conceptual series of portraits against a black background, the photographer sensitively depicts who these women are – in all their dignity and with all their pride.

5% of the book proceeds and 10% of the proceeds from the special edition and the art works will be used to support the Ghanaian aid project Witch­hunt Victims Empowerment Project (WHVEP), which creates and raises awareness for such places of refuge. We gratefully arrange donations (donation receipt).


Ann-Christine Woehrl
Editor: Anja Pinter-Rawe
Texts: Anja Pinter-Rawe, Maakor Quarmyn, Brigitte Woischnik, Rania Odaymat and Ann-Christine Woehrl
Design: Detlev Pusch

Hardcover 24 cm x 32 cm,
104 pages, 70 color illustrations
Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg
ISBN 978-3-96900-053-3


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