The Witch-hunt Victims Empowerment Project of Ghanaian Simon Ngota has been working with witch-hunt refugees for over 20 years and has been based in Gushiegu since 2010. The organization gives the women a safe shelter and aims to educate people. It’s about proving that the belief in witches s a misbelief and that witches who wreak havoc with black magic simply don’t exist. Simon Ngota's goal is to rehabilitate the women and free them from the stigma of being witches so that they can return to their villages and their real lives.

This work is very challenging because the witch mania is deeply rooted in the culture of the country and financial resources for the issue are very limited.

The support association "Hilfe für Hexenjagdflüchtlinge" (Help for Witch Hunt Refugees) was founded in 2009 by Felix Riedel and Di Luong, who became aware of the precarious living conditions of the women during their research work in Ghana. As they realized that existing organisations and the government did not promise a lot of support, the support association was founded.

With the support of the association, Simon Ngota can continue the work of his organisation "Witch-hunt Victims Empowerment Project" in Gushiegu until today. donation page